Insulation Quality Analyzer

Index cat. WMUSMIC15K1

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Ingress protection: IP 67

Measurement category: CAT IV 1000 V

Data transmission: Bluetooth, USB

Display: monochrome, backlit, segmented

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Insulation analysis within wide range

The Sonel MIC-15K1 insulation resistance meter has been designed to measure insulation resistance of electrical power engineering objects, including single and multi-core cables, transformers, motors and generators, condensers, circuit breakers and other power station equipment. It is especially recommended for measurements in areas with very high electromagnetic disturbances, e.g. at substations with a voltage of 1200 kV AC or 500 kV DC. Due to the measuring voltage of 15 kV (in accordance with the guidelines of ANSI/NETA ATS-2009 TABLE 100.1 standards) the meter can be used for objects with nominal voltage above 34.5 kV.

The MIC-15k1 is an extremely modern, ergonomic device with intuitive operation. It will satisfy even the most demanding measuring engineers in the most difficult conditions, with large disturbances, where other meters will be useless.


  • Partial discharge indicator PDI.
  • Diagnostics of insulation systems based on standard measurements of IR, DAR, PI, SV, RT, DD.
  • It allows testing the electrical durability of the tested object - breakdown voltage indication.
  • High resistance to electromagnetic interferences guarantees uninterrupted work in power stations and in close proximity to high voltage transmission lines up to 1200 kV AC and 800 kV DC.
  • The function of smooth voltage rise in time (RT - Ramp Test) allows to state the partial discharges in the facility and to carry out a partial location of their occurrence.
  • Efficient converter with a power of ~150 W that enables insulation burnout, allowing for pinpointing the location of cables and wires short circuit using one of the following:
    • visual method (if power cables are visible along the entire length),
    • reflectometric methods, seismic-acoustic waves detector, or with A-frame to indicate direction of the fault (the conductor must be buried in the ground with earth direct contact).
  • Compatible with external software.


MIC-15k1 meter is designed to measure insulation resistance of power objects, i.e.:

  • single- and multicore cables,
  • transformers,
  • motors and generators,
  • capacitors, switches and other devices installed in power stations.

It is especially recommended for measurements in areas with very high electromagnetic disturbances, e.g. electrical substations with 1200 kV AC and 800 kV DC. Thanks to the 15 kV measuring voltage (in accordance with ANSI / NETA ATS-2009 TABLES 100.1) the meter can be used for measuring objects with a nominal voltage above 34.5 kV.

Capabilities of the device

Highly efficient HV inverter, with test voltage of 15 kV and current up to 10 mA, suitable for measuring the insulation resistance up to 40 TΩ. Achieving such a result makes these meters unrivalled devices. Three-wire resistance measurement, performed using a "GUARD" wire, eliminates surface leakage currents caused by contaminated insulation, thereby increasing the reliability of obtained results.

The meter indicates the Dielectric Absorption Ratio DAR, Polarization Index PI and the value of Dielectric Discharge DD.

The device allows user to assess the condition of the insulation, by applying the test voltage incrementally in steps (SV - Step Volatge) or smoothly (RampTest - RT).

  • SV method ensures that a dielectric in good condition will provide the same results, regardless of the applied voltage.
  • RT method allows to determine the characteristics of the insulating material. The meter smoothly increases the measuring voltage without exposing the object to so-called electrical stress. It records the time and voltage value at which the electrical breakdown of the insulation took place.

Built-in digital filters, with averaging time of 10, 30, 60, 100, 200 sec. guarantee stable measurement results in areas of strong electromagnetic interference


A very useful solution is the function that allows to Burnout the damaged object. In case of exposed cables, it enables visual identification of the fault location. In the case of shielded cables, the method allows to generate a seismicacoustic wave from the place of damage. In special conditions, an energetic discharge will appear cyclically. By using the geophone it will be possible to precisely pinpoint the place where such a discharge occurs. Burnout feature allows also locating transient faults (appearing, for example, only during rainfall) with the support of reflectometry, and in case of a short circuit (of a screen or return wire) to the ground - applying the method of measuring voltage drop (the A-frame).

Autosaving the measurement results

The device automatically saves the measurement results. The number of autosave points depends on the amount of data, which is saved within the main memory.

Data analysis

The Sonel MIC Mobile mobile app allows to observe the results during the measurement. The application can generate real-time graphs in various configurations. This allows to evaluate the condition of the object already during the tests.

The option of remote start and stop of the measurement is particularly useful. Thanks to it, the tests can be carried out remotely, eg. from a different room or inside the car, when there are difficult weather conditions for the user. Using the phone GPS, it is possible to precisely determine the place of measurement.

Thanks to the mobile application and the Sonel Reader software, the user can store previous measurements data and compare them with current results transferred from the meter's extensive memory. This solution allows to prepare a measurement report, track the progress of insulation degradation and plan renovation works.