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Ultrasonic leak detectors

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Ultrasonic testers

For detecting damage of an acoustic nature, modern ultrasonic testers are ideal. Their task is to receive ultrasonic waves and convert them into acoustic waves audible to the human ear. In this category you will find professional ultrasonic detection testers from the renowned company Sonel, which are perfect for many areas.

Sonel multi-purpose ultrasonic meters

Thanks to their extensive features, ultrasonic testers are used, among other things, to detect and locate sources of electrical discharges, search for leaks in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, as well as to check for leaks in various installations, such as pipelines, valves or hydraulic equipment components. They also prove useful for performing condition diagnostics on mechanical system components such as bearings, gears, compressors or drive shafts. The test results can be interpreted by two methods - acoustically, using headphones, or visually in the form of a diode line.

Sonel leak and electrical discharge detectors and ultrasonic generators

If there is a leak, the Sonel TUD-1 ultrasonic leak and electrical discharge detector is ideal for testing systems, but if the systems being tested are not filled with agent and there is no leak, it is best to use an additional instrument in the form of the Sonel GUD-1 ultrasonic generator. It provides an alternative ultrasonic source that is used to simulate leaks. The generator can be used in areas where there is a low-pressure leak that does not generate a detectable signal. The test performed by leak simulation is simple to perform and, importantly, completely safe and lossless.

The Sonel TUD-1 detector and Sonel GUD-1 generator are available in an attractive set that allows comprehensive fault diagnosis and allows to effectively capture sources of electrical discharge and locate leaks in the tested systems. The kit additionally includes headphones and accessories useful during diagnostics. 

Ultrasonic meters and other testers from the recognized Sonel company

As a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments in Poland and Central Europe, Sonel boasts an exceptionally extensive range of excellent quality meters for various applications. Sonel's multifunctional measuring devices enjoy an international reputation and are appreciated, among other things, for their excellent performance and readiness to work even in difficult measurement conditions. In these professional instruments, advanced technologies go hand in hand with simple operation. Get acquainted with Sonel's complete offer, which is available in our store!