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PVM-1020 KIT

Photovoltaic meters

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Photovoltaic meter

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MPI-540-PV Solar

Multi-function meter of electrical and PV s...

4 800,00 $



Insulation resistance meter

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Set for installation and grounding measurem...


Digital clamp meter

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Phase sequence and motor rotation tester

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Thermal Imager

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LKZ-2500 Start

Cable and underground infrastructure locato...

LKZ-2500 Lite

Cable and underground infrastructure locato...

Popular meter accessories

Cable with the quadruple plug 2.5 kV

66,05 $



Adapter with START button with UNI-SCHUKO p...

94,61 $


Test lead 1.2 m CAT III/1000V CAT IV/600V (...

24,99 $


Test lead 1.2 m CAT III/1000V CAT IV/600V (...

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Transmitting clamp (Φ=52 mm, incl. 2-wire c...

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Adapter with START button with UNI-SCHUKO p...

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Three-phase socket adapter 16 A (5P)


-29,25 $

89,25 $

60,00 $



Three-phase socket adapter 32 A (5P)

99,96 $



Adapter for multi-core cables

351,65 $


Test lead 1,2 m, black, 1 kV (banana plugs)...

28,56 $


Electrical Test and Measurement E-Shop

Online store with electrical test equipment, ohmmeters, multimeters, infrared cameras, power analyzers, and specialized measurement instruments

Sonel Test online store offers a wide range of electrical measurement devices and specialized instruments which are applicable throughout the electrical power industry including residential, commercial and industrial.

Sonel Products Application Areas Include:

• Power Analysis,
• Insulation Resistance Test,
• Multifunction Power Analyzers,
• Low Resistance Ohmmeters,
• Ground Test,
• TDR Fault Location,
• Voltage Detectors,
• Photovoltaic PV Test,
• EV Charger Test,
• Corona and Partial Discharge Detection,
• Wire Tracers,
• Clamp Meters and Multimeters,
• TDR Fault Locators,
• Infrared Cameras and Temperature Measurement,
• Hi-Pot and VLF,
• Laboratory Standard Resistors,
• Lumen Meters,
• Ultrasonic Leak Detection,
• Test Leads and Accessories,

The need to develop specialized measuring devices has guided us from the inception of our company. Today, our innovative electrical test equipment is used by technicians, electricians, and engineers in the electrical power, lighting, telecom, and manufacturing industries. Sonel test products are recognized by electricians all over the world.

Electric Test and Measurement Shop

Sonel S.A produces a wide range of test and measurement devices. The focus of the company is to use advanced solutions that meet the needs of customers in all industries which require reliable electric power. Each of our products is designed to ensure long-term durability and reliability. Thanks to meticulous market research and quality control in our manufacturing process, Sonel products have been recommended by the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers for many years. Currently, the company boasts an assortment of over 500 meters and accessories. The full range of Sonel products can be found and purchased in our online store.

Sonel Electrical Test Meters - a short history

The origins of Sonel S.A. date back to 1989. It was founded by electrical engineers who understood the need for specialized electrical measurement instruments. Over the years, a small experimental plant developed into a publicly traded company with international operations. Currently, Sonel S.A. is a leader in the production of measurement instruments in Poland and Central Europe, and its products are exported to the United States and over 50 countries around the world.

Electrical Meters and Testers, Infrared Cameras, Digital Laser Thermometers Shop

Measurement instruments developed and manufactured by Sonel S.A. are distinguished by innovative concepts. Thanks to the extensive range of products, Sonel meets the needs of the electrical industry, other industries which require precise and dependable measurements and reliable electric power. We invite you to take advantage of the value offered by Sonel.