of 01/02/2022

1. This Privacy Policy defines the rules of protecting confidential information concerning Users, including personal data, by the controller of these data, i.e. Nemec Industries LLC with its principal business address 4266 Roswell Rd unit F2 Atlanta, GA 30342 and the Tax ID number 471127101 and registered in the State of Delaware (hereinafter referred to as NEMEC INDUSTRIES) obtained through a store operating in the https://soneltest.com/shop domain
2. For the purposes of this document, the definitions included in the Store Regulations apply.
3. While running the Online Store, the Seller makes special efforts to protect Users’ rights, in particular in the scope of protection of privacy and information provided to the Seller and concerning Users. This information (including Users’ personal data) is properly secured and online forms used to send this information are protected by the SSL security protocol, due to which the data transfer process is encrypted.
4. When processing Users’ personal data, the Seller pays particular attention to the protection of these data against unauthorized access, takeover by an unauthorized person, processing in violation of applicable provisions of law and their change, loss, damage or destruction.
- While using the Store, the User may be asked to submit their personal data necessary to provide services by the Seller:
- during the registration in the Store (first and last name or company name, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address),
- when the User expresses their will to use the Newsletter service (e-mail address),
- when the User places an order (first and last name or company name, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address).
5. Submitting any personal data by the User is voluntary. However, the submission of data is necessary in order to make a sales agreement.
6. Users can view the Store and its offers concerning goods without prior registration and submission of personal data.
7. Personal data of Users being natural persons (including natural persons working as sole proprietors) will be processed by the Seller as the controller of personal data in order to provide services by the Seller through the Store.
8. Only authorized employees of the Seller have access to Customers’ personal data collected via the Store.
9. The User’s personal data may be made available to entities authorized to receive them under the applicable provisions of law, including competent judicial authorities.
10. Users’ personal data may also be transferred or disclosed – to the necessary and required extent – to third parties performing, at the Seller’s request, activities related to the Agreement made by the Customer, e.g. to the Supplier, the Electronic Payment Operator on account of Agreements made or entities supplying the goods ordered.
11. The Seller provides Users whose personal data it processes with the exercise of their rights including the right to access the content of their personal data, to correct them, rectify, erase, transfer, restrict the data processing, object to the processing and lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, as well as the right to control the processing of their personal data.
12. Confidential information concerning Users, including Users’ personal data, is protected by the Seller against its disclosure to unauthorized persons, as well as other cases of its disclosure or loss and against destruction or unauthorized modification of the indicated data and information by applying appropriate technical and organizational safeguards.
13. The Seller uses cookies. The information collected with the use of cookies allows adjusting services and content to Users’ individual needs and preferences, as well as it is used to develop general statistics concerning the use of the Store by the Users (e.g. IP address assigned to the Customer’s computer or external IP address of the Internet provider, domain name, browser type, access time, operating system type, navigation data, including information about links which they decide to click or other activities undertaken in the Online Store).
14. Disabling the option to save cookies in the web browser does not generally prevent the use of the Store.
15. The Online Store uses two types of cookies:
- session cookies: after the end of a given browser session or switching off a computer, the information saved is removed from the device memory. The mechanism of session cookies does not allow downloading any personal data or confidential information from Customers’ computers.
- permanent cookies: they are stored in the memory of the Customer’s end device and remain there until they are deleted or expire. The mechanism of permanent cookies does not allow downloading any personal data or confidential information from the Customers’ computers.
16. The Online Store uses its own Cookies to:
- authenticate the Customer in the Store and ensure the Customer’s session in the Store (after logging in), due to which the Customer does not have to re-enter the login and password on each subpage of the Store;
- carry out analyses and surveys, as well as website traffic audits, in particular to produce anonymous statistics that help understand how the Store Customers use the Store Website, which makes it possible to improve its structure and content.
17. The Online Store uses external cookies to collect general and anonymous static data through the following analytical tools:
- Google Analytics (administrator of external cookies: Google Inc. with its registered office in the USA),
18. The mechanism of cookies is safe for computers of the Store Customers. In particular, by this channel viruses or other unwanted software or malware cannot enter the Customers’ computers.
19. Users can restrict or disable cookies from accessing computers. If this option is used, it will be possible to use the Store, apart from functions which require cookies by their nature.
20. The Privacy Policy may be changed, all updates will be posted on this page.
21. Please send any questions, doubts or suggestions related to the Privacy Policy to the following address: office@soneltest.com