The soneltest.com store is a place where you can purchase all types of measuring instruments and accessories produced by SONEL S.A. – one of the largest manufacturers of measuring instruments in the world.

Since 1989 SONEL S.A. has been manufacturing top-class equipment that is present in all areas of the electrical sector. The company, established by electrical engineers – people who are best acquainted with the needs of the market in the scope of specialist measuring instruments, have developed within 20 years from a small experimental plant to a global stock exchange company whose products are present on the markets of over 50 countries around the world. Commencing its operation with the construction of pioneering digital instruments for protective measurements, it currently offers a wide range of specialized instruments, e.g. for measurements of electrical equipment safety, network analysis as well as measurements of non-electrical quantities (thermovision cameras, pyrometers, light meters).

SONEL S.A. offer includes:
- multi-function and specialized devices for electric shock and protective measurements (short-circuit loop impedance, insulation resistance, earthing resistance and soil resistance, residual current-operated circuit breakers),
- high-voltage meters for diagnostics of insulation of cables and transformers,
- specialized earthing measuring instruments,
- meters of electrical equipment safety,
- thermovision cameras,
- microohm meters (low resistance ohmmeters),
- locating devices for routes of wires, cables and underground infrastructure,
- analyzers of power quality,
- clamp meters, multimeters, indicators and testers,
- pyrometers,
- luxmeters,
- laboratory instruments for measuring simulation,
- laboratory calibrators,
- specialist software for processing measurement results.


All devices with the Sonel sign are a long-term guarantee of high quality and reliability. For many years they have also been recommended by the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, and innovative solutions have been distinguished many times at international electronics and electrical trade fairs. The systematic analysis of the market and the openness to users’ comments make it possible to notice current needs of customers, which is reflected in new constructions of instruments. In addition, Sonel engineering staff provides technical support, systematically conducts training and presents the latest technological solutions supported by the interpretation of currently applicable legal regulations and practical demonstrations of measurement techniques.

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