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Illuminance Meter

Index cat. WMGBLXP10B

ean 5907624014534

Data transmission: OR-2, USB

Display: monochrome, backlit, segmented

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Additional accessories


Light meter probe (miniDIN-4P plug)

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Radio transceiver (USB)

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Light meter probe holder (stick)

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Light meter probe holder (trolley)

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Reliable illuminance measurements with the LXP-10B light meter

Model with resolution 0.01 lx allows to accurate lighting measurements in workplaces and emergency lighting in escape routes. It works with LP-10B measuring probe. The device has internal memory of 999 measurements and additional logger for recording data with a selectable sampling rate.

Main features

  • high resolution up to 0.01 lx
  • highly accurate measurements
  • measurements of all types of light sources including:
    • LEDs lamps,
    • incandescent lamps,
    • fluorescent lamps,
    • electrodeless lamps,
    • high and low-pressure lamps
  • no need to using correction factors
  • photodiodes with filters make the spectral sensitivity characteristics well matched to the requirements of C.I.E.

Product functions

  • data-hold for freezing measuring values
  • automatic zeroing
  • peak-hold for freezing the peak signal of light pulse
  • capable of selecting measuring mode in Lux or FC scale
  • MAX and MIN results save
  • relative mode
  • easy to read large backlit display
  • USB connection with PC
  • wireless connection
  • built-in memory: 999 points
  • 16 000 values records data logger
  • auto power off