Photovoltaic meter

Index cat. WMGBPVM1020

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Ingress protection: IP65

Measurement category: CAT II 1000 V DC, CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 300 V

Data transmission: Bluetooth

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Three-phase socket adapter 16 A (5P)


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Three-phase socket adapter 32 A (5P)

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Sonel Reports Plus

Software supports creation of documentation

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Line splitter

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Three-phase socket adapter 16 A (4P)

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Industrial socket adapter 16 A

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Three-phase socket adapter 32 A (4P)

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Industrial socket adapter 32 A

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Three-phase socket adapter 63 A (5P)

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Pin probe CAT III/1000V CAT IV/600V (banana...

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Great capabilities in a small casing

The Sonel PVM-1020 meter is probably the world's smallest photovoltaic system meter with such a substantial number of measurement functions. The functions are selected with a rotary switch. Additional parameters are set with buttons located on the housing. All buttons and the graphic display are backlit, which greatly facilitates operation in shaded places, e.g. when taking measurements under ground-mounted PV systems. Large memory significantly shortens preparation of documents after the measurement.


  • It can be used for category 1 measurements according to IEC 62446-1.
  • AUTO mode for performing a sequence of measurements after one press of the START button.
  • It converts measured parameters into STC conditions according to IEC 60891 by cooperation with the IRM-1 solar radiation and temperature meter.
  • reSYNC function – automatic completion of results with environmental parameters and their conversion to STC conditions after restoring connection with IRM-1.
  • The built-in LoRa radio interface ensures cooperation with the IRM-1 meter over long distances.
  • Built-in Bluetooth module for communication with a computer.
  • Large measurement memory: 100 objects with 40 cells each.
  • Backlit display and buttons.

Measured parameters

  • The open circuit voltage of the PV panel or a chain of panels, up to 1000V DC.
  • RMS voltage of the AC network up to 600 V with frequency measurement.
  • Short circuit current of a PV panel or chain of panels - up to 20 A DC.
  • Insulation resistance of PV panels - measuring voltage of 250, 500 or 1000 V, simultaneous measurement of two values: RISO+ and RISO-.
  • Insulation resistance of AC circuits - measuring voltage 250, 500 or 1000 V.
  • Resistance of protective conductors and equipotential bonding with ± 200 mA current. Low-current resistance measurement, audible and visual signalling.
  • Measurement of PV panels operating current and AC current - all with external clamp.
  • AC/DC power Measurement.
  • Diode test with 200 mA current, automatic polarity detection. Test of blocking diodes with 1000 V DC voltage.

Tightness and durability

The meter performs well in harsh environmental conditions. Protection against the ingress of dust and water is provided by the housing rated at IP65. This is especially important for measurements on photovoltaic systems, which are outdoor installations.

Communication and software

Measurement data from the PVM-1020 can be transferred to a computer via Bluetooth wireless communication. Saving the downloaded data to popular formats and printing ensured by Sonel Reader. In order to generate a report on electric shock protection use the optional software: Sonel Reports PLUS.

Trouble? reSYNC!

It may happen that in the course of measurements the master meter moves away from the IRM-1 so far, that communication between them is lost. If the measurements are continued, then after the connection is restored, the results will be automatically supplemented with environmental parameters, which in the meantime were recorded by the IRM-1 in its temporary memory, and converted into STC conditions.