Insulation Resistance Meter

Index cat. WMUSMIC10

ean 5907624025844

Ingress protection: IP 67

Measurement category: CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V

Display: monochrome, backlit, segmented

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Additional accessories

Test lead 1.2 m CAT III/1000V CAT IV/600V (...

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Three-phase socket adapter 16 A (5P)


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Three-phase socket adapter 32 A (5P)

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Cable simulator

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Calibration box

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Test lead 1.2 m, 1 kV (banana plugs, shield...

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Test lead 5 m 1 kV (banana plugs, shielded)...

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Test lead 5 m 1 kV (banana plugs) blue

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Test lead 5 m 1 kV (banana plugs) red

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Three-phase socket adapter 16 A (4P)

110,67 $

110,67 $


Measure the insulation resistance up to 10 GΩ

Sonel MIC-10 insulation resistance meter is a reliable device for measuring insulation resistance up to 10 GΩ. Due to its compact dimensions, ergonomic design and versatile application, this compact meter is a must for every professional working on electrical installations. It works flawlessly in areas with low voltage, such as electrical installations in single- and multi-family buildings, public facilities, as well as workshops and factories.

Main features

  • measurement of insulation resistance up to 10 GΩ thanks to max 1000 V measurement voltage
  • designed for harsh environmental conditions - IP67 ingress protection
  • allows for testing electrical continuity - RCONT 200 mA function
  • checking start capacitors in motors thanks to capacity measurement function

…and much more

  • measurement voltage selected from: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 V
  • continuous reading of measured insulation resistance
  • automatic discharge of the measured object’s capacitance upon completion of insulation resistance measurement
  • sound signalling of five-second time intervals, facilitating capture of time characteristics
  • readings of actual measurement voltage during measurement
  • protection against measurement of live objects
  • three-lead measurement
  • capacitance measurement during measurement of RISO
  • low-voltage measurement of circuit continuity and resistance
  • continuity test of protective conductors and equipotential bonding with current ≥200 mA flowing in two directions in compliance with EN 61557-4
  • measurement of direct and alternating voltages within the range of 0…600 V


MIC-10 is an insulation resistance meter, which may be very useful for various electrical works (even the simplest), in locations with Low Voltage power supply, including: electrical systems in single- and multi-family buildings as well as in public buildings and in small workshops or factories. With its test voltage settings of 50 V, 100 V or 250 V the device is perfect for quick checking of the insulation condition in telecommunications systems and control cables.


Test voltage settings of 500 V or 1000 V perfectly match the requirements for assessing the protection of power supply lines but also of floors and walls - PRS-1 probe (optional accessory) is very useful for this purpose.

With MIC-10 meter you can check whether an object is under voltage (measuring range up to 600 V), both in overhead and cable networks (measuring category of the device: CAT IV 600 V). You can verify the continuity of cables, e.g. PE connections and equipotential bonding - using the current of at least 200 mA, according to EN 61557-4. You can check the capacity of the start-up capacitors in household appliances and drives of any type (measuring range up to 10 µF).

This makes MIC-10 meter an essential tool for every service technician.

Durable housing

Handy and ergonomic housing provides protection of IP67, ensuring reliability of the meter even in the harshest environmental conditions (moisture, dust, high temperature, etc.).