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Standard programmable resistor
Price: $18350
Technical specification
  • Description

    The SRP-50k0 - 5T0 calibrator is a source of high resistance, used as a standard in calibration and tests of analogue and digital insulation resistance meters.

    The resistance set by the calibrator can be maintained for long periods under external direct voltage up to 5000 V, provided that the current in the measuring circuit does not exceed 3 mA.

    The required resistance is set by the user using the calibrator's touch keypad, or via an external PC application. The required value is set automatically thanks to the switching of a precise resistance matrix. A controlling processor calculates the required combination of resistors, ensuring adequate resistance precision.


    The SRP software is used to connect the SRP-50k0-5T0 calibrator with a PC.

    The software is easy to use and is a useful tool for testing of devices by means of
    the calibrator. The calibrator connects to a computer via the USB port.

    Software functions:

    • remote control of the calibrator

    • create and save the automatic programs to check the tested devices

    • set the keypad lock and time to sleep mode

    • change the display brightness and keypad tones

    • software language selection

    • calibrator software update from the PC via the USB interface

    Standard accessories of the SRP-50k0-5T0:

    • CD with the SRP software

    • 1.8 m test lead with 5kV banana plugs, blue

    • 1.8 m test lead with 5kV banana plugs, red

    • 2.2 m shielded cable with banana plugs, black

    • operating manual

    • power cord

    • calibration certificate

  • Technical specification

    Technical specification:  SRP-50k0-5T0


    Resistance range   



    0.05 to 999.95 MΩ

    0.05 MΩ


    0.001 to 999.999 GΩ

    0.001 GΩ


    0.0001 to 5.0000 TΩ

    0.0001 TΩ



    The calibrator should be used at ambient temperature from 10 to 30°C, relative humidity from 25 to 60% and atmospheric pressure from 630 to 800 mm Hg.

    Storage temperature range in the original packaging:  -20…+60ºC  80 % maximum relative humidity for the temperatures up to 31ºC and with linear decrase of the relative humidity up to 50% for the temperature increase to 40ºC
    Storage temperature range without packaging: +10…+30ºC maximum relative humidity up to 80% at 35ºC

    Additional technical specification:

    • supply voltage                                          100 to 240V AC (50/60Hz)
    • maximum power consumption                                                  75VА
    • operating temperature range                                         +10 to 30 ºC
    • maximum current in the measuring circuit                                   3mА
    • maximum operating voltage                                              5000V DC
    • long-term stability of resistors                                                   <1%
    • maximum operating altitude                                                   2000m
    • dimensions                                                        540 x 450 x 200mm
    • weight                                                                                     15kg