MMR-650 Microohmmeter
Technical specification
  • Description

    The MMR-650 is a compact, portable microohmmeter for measuring very low resistances of resistive and inductive objects.  This product is designed to measure welded and soldered connections, equipotential bondings, earthing conductors, contacts, bolted connections, windings of motors and power transformers, including amorphous core transformers.The MMR-650 can be also deployed on production lines in manufacturing industries. It's rugged enough for field work in power plants and maintenance yards; it comes with an IP54 rating, and will perform well in extreme temperatures (-10°C to 50°C).

    Sonel has made several design innovations with the MMR-650; it is a high-performance measuring device with a modern user interface, and advanced data management to store results. It can be connected to a PC or network via WiFi for creating reports. An optional printer can print labels to identify test items, or print results in the field.

    MMR-650 front MMR-650 front
  • Technical specification

    Measurement of resistance

    Range Resolution Measurement current Accuracy
    0 to 999.9 μΩ 0.1 μΩ 10 A ±(0.25% w.m. + 2 digts)
    1,0000 to 1,9999 mΩ 0.0001 mΩ
    2,000 to 19,999 mΩ 0.001 mΩ
    20,00 to 199,99 mΩ 0.01 mΩ 10 A / 1 A
    200,0 to 999,9 mΩ 0.1 mΩ 1 A / 0.1 A
    1,0000 to1,9999 Ω 0.0001 Ω
    2,000 to 19,999 Ω 0.001 Ω 0.1 mA
    20,00 to 199,99 Ω 0.01 Ω 10 mA
    200,0 to 1999,9 Ω 0.1 Ω 1 mA
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