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Cable, wires, and conduit locator
Price: $1295
  • Description

    The LKZ-720 is a professional-grade tool for locating cables, wires, and conduits.

    It is an essential tool for electrical technicians, contractors, and maintenance engineers.

    It can be used to:

    • Detect cables in ceilings, walls and floors,
    • Detect breaks in cables
    • Trace cables in building installations
    • Locate power sources and switches
    • Locate short-circuits between wires
    • Trace shielded cables
    • Trace cables in metal ducts
    • Identify fuses and breakers on panels and distribution boards
    • Trace underground cables
    • Tracing conductive water and heating pipes
    • Detect of live cables by non-contact


    Performance & Features:

    • Detect the direction of current flow
    • Accurate locating the source
    • Phase detection mode
    • Receiver operates with four transmitters to locate interruptions or distinguish wires
    • Bright LED flashlight
    • Headphone jack in receiver
    • Backlit display
    • Battery status
    • User-configured settings of transmitter to receiver
    • Operation on systems up to 500V RMS
    • Measurement of voltage to 500 Vrms,
    • 3 levels of transmitter amplification
    • Automatic or manual selection of transmitter operation
    • 5 modes of wire tracer operation - voltage, current, current-voltage, power and current lamp
    • Software upgrade via USB
    • Additional accessories enable precise localization with contact or non-contact probes, and current clamp





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