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LKZ-1000 Cable & Pipe Locator
Underground Wires and Pipe Locator
Price: $2573
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    Look before you dig!   The LKZ-1000 allows construction crews to:

    • Detect underground energized (live) wires
    • Detect de-energized underground wires
    • Trace metallic or non-conductive pipes
    • Trace a determined cable
    • Determine the depth of a cable

    The LKZ-1000 cable & pipe locator consists of an improved LKN-1000 transmitter and the LKO-1000 receiver that together deliver significantly higher detection technology to:

    • Detect underground services at greater depths
    • Give more accurate depth estimation
    • Detect in the presence of high signal interference

    LKZ-1000 Technology:

    • Four adjustable output levels with maximum output level of 1 W
    • Choice of 3 tracing signals, 8 kHz or 33 kHz, or at 8 kHz and 33 kHz together
    • Locates cables up to 3 m, 10 ft deep
    • Trace non-conductive pipelines using a “floating” probe
    • Transmitter detection of de-energized underground wires using a galvanized, inductive, or clamp-based connection
    • Trace metallic or non-conductive pipes using an additional probe
    • Location by connecting the transmitter directly to an object that is not live
    • Location by using an adapter that connects the transmitter to an AC outlet
    Underground cable locator
    UUser-friendly Design Features:
    • Compact and light-weight for less fatigue when operating for long periods 
    • Sensibly located control buttons for hand operation 
    • Easy-to-view backlit LCD with contrast + auto on-off
    • Clear visual and audio signals for easier operation
    • Automatic adjustment of detection sensitivity
    • 5 operating modes
    • Durable waterproof design for harsh outdoor conditions; protection rating of IP65
    • Self-test function to test the LKN-1000 before use
    • Shallow cable-depth warning indicator
    • Cable direction indication
    • Audio tones to facilitate locating or tracing,
    • Adjustment of transmitter power and frequency

    Passive or Active Operating Modes:

    • Passive POWER with 50 Hz or 60 Hz – enables location of live wires and cables
    • Passive RADIO (15-30 kHz) – for quick, non-selective location of an underground metallic installation
    • Active with transmitter (8 kHz and 33 kHz), enables detection using the inductive mode; just place the transmitter over the traced object

           Explanation of Detection and Location Modes

     Locating cables and pipes underground





  • Files

Standard accessories, supplied with the instrument

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