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UV-260 Corona Camera
UV Corona Detection Camera. Call for pricing to buy or rent.
Technical specification
  • Description

    Easily locate arcing corona in high-voltage transmission and distribution systems by detecting UV emissions, even in daylight. The UV-260 is an advanced design of imaging camera that detects, displays, and records flash-arc and partial discharge phenomena. The high sensitivity of the UV-260 can detect UV radiation in full daylight from both faraway and nearby sources. It operates in both the visible light spectrum as well as in the ultra-violet region. Simply point the camera at a target. When UV corona emissions are detected they are overlaid on the visible target image pinpointing the location of the UV source accurately.

    The UV-260 is an ideal predictive maintenance and trouble-shooting tool for inspecting overhead transmission lines, and conductors in high-voltage substations. It is non-destructive, and non-contact, which means it can be used safely in all types of electrical investigations for electrical utilities, HV research institutes, HV electrical component inspection, HV panel inspection, service providers, laboratories, and more.

    The UV-260 represents the latest evolution of UV imaging systems with an emphasis on high-performance, functionality, and easy operation, with:

    • High sensitivity to UV signals - sensitivity is user adjustable
    • Precise location of corona emitting sources
    • Auto focus of UV and visible images
    • Background noise reduction
    • 5.7" touch-screen color LCD
    • Alarm on events; audio or visual alarms 
    • Fast optical zoom
    • Take still image snapshots, or record videos, and display or playback
    • Video output
    • Built-in GPS location information
    • UV events counter
    • UV-260 report software for documenting and creating professional reports
    • Approx 5 lbs weight
    • Tri-pod mount


  • Technical specification
    UV - Optical Properties
    Image Type Monochrome video
    Minimum UV Sensitivity 3 x 10-18 watt / cm2
    Minimum Discharge Detection 1.5pC @ 8 meters
    Spectral range UV 240 - 280 nm
    Field of View H x V 5.5°x 4.0°
    Focus Full manual and auto for UV and visible channels
    Focus distance 6.5 ft to ∞ / 2 m to ∞
    Detector Life Span No degradation
    Frequency 50Hz/60 Hz


    Visible - Optical Properties
    Image Type Color video
    Overlay Accuracy
    Better than 1 milliradian
    Minimum visible light sensitivity 0.1 lux
    Zoom factor 26x optical and 12x digital


    Typ 5.7" VGA color LCD, folding and touchable
    Video Standard PAL/NTSC switchable
    Modes Combined (UV & visible), UV only, Visible only
    Corona Shades White, Red, Blue


    Processing & Communications
    Video standard H.264
    Alarms LED
    Menu Button operation or touchable operation
    Audio Microphone input for audio notes
    GPS Yes


    Data Storage
    Storage Media SD card
    Image Format JPG
    Video Storage AVI compressed format
    Storage Capacity 8000 images,or >4 hours videos
    Data download card reader


    Power system
    Power Consumption 10 W
    Battery Type Rechargeable li-ion battery (2 pcs.)
    Battery Run Time 2 hours
    Charge Online charging or charger
    External supply 9-12 V, 10 VA
    Power adapter 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz/12 VDC 3.8 A


    Operating temperature 14F to 122F / -10°C to 50°C
    Storage temperature -13F to 140F / -25°C to 60°C
    Humidity 95% Non condensing
    Size 9.37" x 6.49" x 3.58" / 238 mm x 165 mm X 91 mm
    Weight 5.51 lbs / 2.5 kg
    Power interface Yes
    SD card slot Yes
    Video output BNC
    Audio input / output Microphone / Headphones

    Standard accessories:

    • AC power adapter,
    • 2pcs Li-ion battery,
    • charger,SD card,
    • SD card reader,
    • video cable,
    • car power adapter,
    • software CD,
    • warranty card,
    • strap,
    • transport case,
    • manual.



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