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  • Power quality analysis
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    • changelog

      Changes in v1.19 version (2020.02.06):
      New features:

      • Added inverter efficiency measurement feature.


      • Minor bug fixes.

      Changes in v1.18. version (2019.10.28):

      New features:

      • Added Energy losses calculator.
      • Added support for F-xA6 current probes (flexible probes, 6kA range).
      • Added support for F-xA1 current probes (flexible probes, 1.5kA range).
      • Added measurement end marker in the 'Inrush' function.


      • Fixed graphics for Mains systems in Inrush function configuration.
      • Improved waveforms and RMS1/2 timeplots.
      • Minor bug fixes.

      Changes in v1.17.13 version (2018.12.21):

      New features:

      • Added harmonics power measurement.
      • Added voltage recording during Inrush test.
      • Added measurement of TDD (Total Demand Distortion).
      • Added MIN/MAX phase-to-phase voltages registration.
      • Added support for NEC 220.87 standard recording.
      • Added configuration presets.
      • Added new mains systems: 3-phase 4-wire (no U L2) / 2½ element (no V L2/B), 3-phase open delta, Transducers: 3-phase 4-wire, Transducers: 3-phase 3-wire, Transducers: 3-phase (V system, Aron) / Transducers: 3-phase (2 PT's, 2-Element).
      • Added support for German, Spanish and Russian languages.


      • Increased the accuracy of current and voltage transducers to four decimal places.
      • Fixed automatic clamps detection.
      • Fixed freeze in events plot.
      • Fixed incorrect display of second harmonic in Live mode.
      • Updated translations.

      Changes in v1.15.00 version (2018.04.16):

      • Fixed bug with incorrect power, energy and Power Factor readings in some of the mains configurations. This bug ocurred in 1.14 version.
      • Fixed bug with incorrect phase of current waveforms when Auto probes were selected in configuration and there were no Auto probes connected when configuration was activated.


      Changes in v1.14.00 version (2017.11.29):

      • Added 60 s time interval in Inrush test.
      • Increased number of measured harmonics (from 40 to 50).
      • Added English (US) language.
      • Added zoom box for zooming charts.
      • Added 120/208 V nominal voltage.
      • Larger fonts on selected screens.
      • Changes in phasors screen in US version.

      Changes in v1.10.30 version (2017.04.03):

      • Fixed active registration management.
      • Added inrush current feature
      • Added energy tariffs calculator.
      • Added feature of wire connection checking.
      • Added nominal voltage 133/230 V.
      • Improved SD card support.
      • Improved integration with Sonel Analysis software.
      • Various fixes in help screens.
      • Updated translations.

      Changes in v1.02.00 version (2017.03.15):

      • Fixed a bug with data recording.

      Changes in v1.01.22 version (2016.12.21):

      • Added preview window of the correctness of connection of the analyzer to the mains.
      • Added enlargements’ indicators to charts.
      • Added Hold function in the current readings.
      • Added the ability to format the USB memory while recording.
      • Added the table of harmonics and THD in data analysis.
      • Added Dutch language.
      • Added the ability to take screenshots of recording preview.
      • Added filters storing in the file manager window.
      • Corrections in translations.
      • Improved ergonomics of analyzer’s operation.